CER Limited ~ Capital Energy Resources

Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Products Storage and Distribution Infrastructure

InvestmentIf you are a Government or Private Company planning to construct storage facilities for energy products, the Capital Energy Resources can assist you with the following:

  • Raising Financing for up to 60% of the construction cost
  • Identifying Options inherent in your storage assets / operation, so as to reduce the cost of finance
  • Identifying market factors which impact the commercial viability of storage facilities. This includes placing the timing of construction of these facilities in the context of the forward value of those energy commodities that are capable of being stored or handled in these facilities, to illustrate the current option value that can be captured, based upon a relatively firm degree of certainty that the project will be completed.
  • Helping you to identify the international value of these assets, by placing their geographic location in the context of freight logistics, price arbitrages for the type of oil or refined petroleum products to be stored, identifying other potentially interested users of space capacity (arbitrage traders, other Governments operating under bilateral agreements for the storage of energy inventories etc.)
  • Analysing investment sensitivity to various risks (especially changes to the relative forward price curve of oil over time) as well as performance, interest rate, currency, credit and other risks. We would help you determine their impact on your business and finding ways to reduce or avoid these risks at a reasonable cost.
  • Conducting Environmental Impact Studies.
  • Provide independent reviews of the engineering, operational and storage plans which you are developing.

CER together with its partners and associates is continually evaluating investment opportunities in petroleum product storage and distribution assets in Southern Africa – especially in South Africa – and invites any interested parties to contact us directly.